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There is a large pothole at the corner of Bay St and Mass Ave. Anyone walking from Central Square to Harvard on the left side of the road will walk by (or into) it.

I fell into this pothole 3 weeks ago and sprained my ankle. I am still unable to walk without exacerbating the problem and causing pain and swelling, and I need to take time off from work to go see a doctor about it, so I am pretty annoyed.

This needs to be fixed before more people get hurt. I'm sure that I am not the first person to twist their ankle in this hole. It is in the walking path, and in a busy area with a bus station. Between cars, bicyclists, other pedestrians, and people milling around the bus station, there are other things to watch out for without the pothole.

This pothole is not new. It shows up on Google's street view which was last updated in September 2013 as a patch job with a pothole growing beyond it. (see attached pic from Sept2013 Google street view). The pothole has since grown, and is much much larger, and the patch job has come up.

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Q. Is this located near an intersection?
A. Intersection of Bay St and Mass Ave

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