POLICE ACTION IS NEEDED !!!!!!!! Aggresive Driving ... PUBLIC SAFETY !!!!!!!!!!! Open

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Drivers on Rt. 130 are often horrible, changing lanes without signaling, tailgating and speeding, creating dangerous conditions ... The problem is
when a marked police car is present, all this nonsence stops ... Also rush
hours are the worse and the Police seem to avoid this road during the rush to get to and from people's workplaces ...

Solution :
Local Police should cruise the highway in un-marked vehicles which don't look like an obvious cop car ( e.g.: No Ford Crown Vics., or Chargers ) use something that blends better ...

One officer in each town from Cinniminson down to Bordentown Twp. would net each Municipality a wealth in fines to the offending motorists!
This would also make Rt. 130 safer for everyone... There have already been too many killed along this roadway...

New POLICE ACTION IS NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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