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Please see #10533517. There are 2 requests. First is speed management- which has been referred to the Medford Police. BUT there was a second request to designate Suffolk St and probably Woburn St (at the High St intersection) as "RESIDENTS ONLY" during morning and evening rush hours. This is done in many similar neighborhoods in Medford. MANY drivers try to shortcut the Winthrop rotary by turning off of High St onto Woburn and then turning right on Suffolk. They race down this otherwise quiet neighborhood needlessly creating a dangerous situation. The same "Neighborhood Only" restriction should also be placed on Essex St at High St because if Woburn and Suffolk are "Neighborhood Only" drivers will race down Essex instead.

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Q. Location or Landmark
A. High St at Woburn St and Woburn St at Suffolk St.
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A. Other
Q. If a sign is down or missing, please indicate sign type.
A. No Answer Given

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