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Pedestrian Safety Study Request


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The intersection of Newark, 5th and Merseles is a tragedy waiting to happen during morning rush hour as kids are crossing on the way to PS5. There is no stop sign, traffic light to protect pedestrians in the crosswalk. Drivers ignore the flashing crossing lights and turn a 2 lane road into 4 as the cross the median and pass vehicles on the right OR LEFT to get by the cars that DO stop for pedestrians. They also ignore the crossing guard (who has been absent the past week). The 25mph speed limit is ignored as people are doing 40. In the few weeks school has been open, there have been close calls even when the crossing guard is there holding up a stop sign. The construction at the intersection also limits sidewalk space.

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Q. What pedestrian and traffic safety elements would you like the city to consider?
A. 5. Traffic: Traffic Signal Request ( For requests to conduct a traffic signal warrant analysis to determine if a traffic signal is warranted at an intersection.)

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