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Jason Johns is at it again. He continues to load his car up with discarded trash and bring it to his house, then dump it all over his driveway and root through it for hours. After he has gone through the piles of debris, he then takes it around to the alley behind MY house and fills up our can with his junk. In this particular photo, he is burning some of his garbage right on his front lawn next to the street.

He also exhibits erratic and aggressive behavior while out in his yard by swinging large sticks beating his trees and shrubbery.

This is extremely unhealthy, unsanitary, and unsafe for the entire neighborhood. I am at my wits end with this man. He has no respect for himself, his property or for the rest of the neighborhood. On top of that, this behavior is happening within 50 feet of my front door. I can't even enjoy my front yard because it's like living across the street from the Pinellas landfill.

My wife is partially disabled and needs to get out and walk with her walker for her health. She is terrified of this guy and refuses to leave her front door even when he's not there, for fear he'll show up and hurt her while she's out.

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Q. Complainant Full First and Last Name:
A. Andrew Watts
Q. Complainant Full Physical Address:
A. 930 56th St N
Q. What are you reporting?
A. Junk/outdoor storage
Q. Is the reported address your home or business address?
A. No

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