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Crosswalk Needs Repainting


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Hi there,

I have lived on Marston street for 11 years and wow has our neighborhood grown. These last 4 years we have seen more and more kids ridding bikes, running and playing in Barry Park. A couple weeks ago a parents worst nightmare occurred. A young child, was hit by a car. Our street alone has 12 children under the age of 10. Cars, busses, trucks and even motorcycles are speeding down Marston, Gourley and summer street. So many parents worry that the outcome of another accident could be much worse. We would like to understand why speedbumps aren't on these streets? The white cones that were placed at the corner of Gourley and Summer do nothing as people move them around. 

I would Ike to understand what has to be done to get speed pumps put in on these high traffic areas. 

Thanks for your attention to this. I have reached out to buy haven't gotten a response.

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