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Misspelled road sign - Glouc(h)ester Ct. Open

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Recently this development got new road signs. When they replaced this sign, they incorrectly put an H in "Gloucester Ct." ("Glouchester").

Some people have tried to excuse this by claiming it was done intentionally, to prevent 911 calls from confusing this road with "Gloucester Dr.", which is on the other side of 322. Come on - that doesn't even make any sense! They're still pronounced the same way! Are we really expected to believe that a conversation would go like this:

"911 what is your emergency?"
"I need an ambulance on Gloucester Drive."
"Now...Gloucester that the one with or without an 'H'"?

If they were trying to prevent confusion, they would have either given the street a completely different name, or AT LEAST informed residents in advance that it was going to change.

There are two potential explanations:
1) Somebody misspelled the street name when ordering signs but doesn't want to admit it.
2) Somebody unilaterally decided to rename the street without informing anyone (residents, township, etc.) in advance. Even though this was done to prevent name confusion for 911, they kept the pronunciation the same, but just added a silent letter in the middle - a change that would make NO DIFFERENCE when the name is spoken on a 911 call. However, now all residents have to change their addresses on the licenses, credit cards, and all other accounts. Also, all atlases and maps will have to be updated - including Google Maps, GPS data, etc. - to be accurate.

Occam's razor says the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. This was a mistake - plain and simple. Somebody made a misspelling on the sign, and whoever did it needs to just man up and pay to replace the sign with one that's spelled correctly.

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