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Chalfonte St & Outer Dr W Detroit, MI, 48223, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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City of Detroit


Illegal Dump Sites


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Dumping in Church Parking lot. A daycare is located just on the other side of this building. Items discarded are boats, grills, motor, boxes, a couch and much more misc. garbage. Homeowners to the right of this dump area may be contributing to it. That home's property is a complete mess too. Please fine who is responsible for this mess and fie them.

also asked...
Q. Is the dumping occurring on private property?
A. Yes
Q. Is this a vacant structure or vacant lot?
A. No
Q. What type of materials have been dumped?
A. boat, couch, boxes, motor, bags, etc.
Q. Where is the debris located on the property?
A. Side yard


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