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Thank you for listening to resident concerns about street safety. My experience has been ongoing for nearly 6 years now as my child is a 5th grader at Otis school. My description of what I’ve seen is mostly for school day crossings but as we also frequent Krusi park, we are often dismissed by drivers as they speed through the crosswalk and ignore us.

So this year, my child asked to walk herself to school. As a concerned parent, I agreed if I could make sure I see her walk across High St. safely. So for the past 2 months, I stand on Calhoun and allow her to cross both Calhoun and High St. on her own. The problem at the crosswalk, which has a sign for people to stop, is that many drivers are in a hurry to get to work etc and pretty much ignore the sign. I’ve watched cars slow as they approach but then all of a sudden they accelerate as though stopping for one child is not worth their time. It has been dangerous as she steps into the street. I’ve also witnessed one car stopping but when the car on the opposite side doesn’t stop, the car then decides to accelerate from their stop. Today, my child waited for several cars to pass as none stopped. I also tell her to make eye contact with the drivers but that doesn’t help. It was only when an adult came walking behind her and inserted himself into traffic that the cars stopped. I can’t expect my child to step out into traffic when I’ve told her to wait for cars to stop before safely crossing.
So, basically I’m asking if this intersection can be considered for a flashing crosswalk such as at all school crossings. I believe there is one on Fernside near Lincoln school and also by Lum but that is closed. Otis is fully open and on a dangerous street for kids and adults to safely cross without the help of flashing lights. This often holds drivers accountable so they don’t look like jerks driving though the flashing crosswalk. As it is today, the drivers ignore the pedestrians. Please consider this as a child safety issue and for elderly too. Thanks.

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