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Need Neighbors Support


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Ya got to take it when it's offered , if it's ever..But hope..I just wished someone gave me a few pointers.Like don't let any landlord tell you that there is No Used Furniture Allowed ! Then your agency there and the other one says: "No $ for new furniture","Not in the budget"....Take it and be blessed and happy like I was..It would certainly help you if you have a strong connection out there , be from there -But don't tell them ! DO NOT tell the agency or agencies behind you your new address -The clock starts ticking.
It's so very competitive now at the bottom , The Pols and their supporters are phoning in and asking to only to send them Their own...Games and possible voucher forgery, people waiting at mom's house for eligibility...A voter gift.
Voucher is revocable..Be perfect like Christ was ...and

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