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Road Potholes / Road Depression Acknowledged

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City of St. Petersburg


Road Potholes / Road Depression


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Historic Old Northeast




pothole, signs


Potholes are pretty much everywhere in Old NE, and they have become dangerous because of how deep they are. One that has been there for at least 6 months is on Cherry St NE between 22nd Ave NE and 21st Ave NE. You can't miss it. There are also two other deep ones on 22nd Ave NE right before Cherry St. NE on the South side of the street at the flashing road sign.

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Q. Location of pothole?
A. 22nd Ave NE and on Cherry St NE between 22nd and 21st Ave NE
Q. Describe the roadway surface where the pothole is located:
A. asphalt, brick
Q. Is this another roadway surface issue, like raised or slipping asphalt?
A. No Answer Given
Q. If yes, please describe the surface issue:
A. No Answer Given

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