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City of Chicago


Garbage Cart Maintenance


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My garbage cans are all broken, and need to be replaced.

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Q. Reason for removal
A. broken
Q. How Many Black Garbage Carts do you need?
A. 2
Q. Do you currently receive City of Chicago Garbage pick up service?
A. Yes
Q. If the cart is damaged what is the cart number?
A. C973359
Q. How many Black Carts do you want removed?
A. 2
Q. Does the city pick up your garbage from the Black Carts?
A. Yes
Q. Reason for Black Garbage Carts:
A. New Service
Q. Do you live in a building with 4 family units or less?
A. Yes
Q. How many Black Cart(s) do you still have?
A. 2
Q. Description - What is the reason you are requesting carts?
A. I need new garbage cans. The ones I have are all broken.
Q. What are their cart numbers?
A. C973359

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