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Nuisance on Property


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test, drug dealing


My name is Leonardo Medina I'm currently residing at the Jeffrey's sober living and I have many concerns about this place first is that im completely sober and he is allowing people to constantly get high people are failing drug test for smoking crack and not doing anything about it I'm currently dealing with the court system and my roommate is smoking crack on a daily basis this is bad for my recovery when I'm on the right path since the owner Jeffrey knows that I know alot what is going on here he is looking for anything to kick me out he is constantly taking people in and putting them on the couch in the attic space that he has in this house he is doing this all for money and not looking for people's best interest I feel like at any moment I'm going to be set up just like he did to the last person here where he kicked him out and had adviced us to tell the police if they were to come to say that the person he kicked out hasn't been here in a week which is a complete lie I had stopped paying my rent for 2 weeks a so I'm able to save and get into an honest place also the house manager that he has here sleeps all day and oblivious to everything that is going on people are failing drug test for cocaine and he lets them out of the loop because he says his most concern is the heroin also he keeps harassing me and my mother for money multiple times a day my phone number is 978-401-8316 if you have any questions please feel free to give me a call thank you very much

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