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Traffic (Safety and Speeding) Acknowledged

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City of Malden


Traffic (Safety and Speeding)


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Malden Ward 7




There is a lack of speed limit signage on Ferry St, which is happens to be one of the busiest streets in Malden and not to mention in a school zone and a park. People speed through the intersection (cross/ferry) to beat the light and in turn causes accidents or very near accidents. Why aren’t their any speed limit signs or flashing speed beacons/speed radars present? An alternative solution could be to have raised cross walks or a raised intersection at the Cross St/Ferry St intersection and also at Upham St/Ferry St. Too many accidents or near accidents occur, the city of Malden should take the children’s safety serious and address the speeding issue before a serious accident happens. It’s in a school zone, it’s a no-brainer

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