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Centennial High School 1820 Rimpau Ave, Corona, CA, 92881, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Code Enforcement (private property maintenance issues)


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I realize this is a school, so some grace needs given to the activities there. However, I've lived near the school for 8 years and never had this issue. The school has begun banging drums as early as 7AM M-F. I have given grace to this, but today, 10.25.21, they have a school employee outside yelling orders at the kids on a loudspeaker or bullhorn. This began at 6AM this morning and is ongoing for the last 45 mins.

In addition to the noise, the school has gardeners that come and cut the trees along their parking lot fence line and dump all of the tree waste over the fence into our back yard. As we do not have green waste containers, we have no way to dispose of this waste. I called the school when this was occurring and asked them to have their tree trimmers gather and dispose of the large tree limbs and tree debris they had let fall over the fence and was blown off. Please address this for future, as this creates a fire hazard for us, as we have no way to dispose of the large limbs and debris.


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