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The first issue is the yellow fire hydrant by the street corner. It must have a really bad leak because it never stops leaking. Hopefully it still is functioning correctly. The next issue is all the broken glass spread about the park on the side by the fire hydrant. I went out there and picked up literally about 100 pieces of broken glass. That was maybe 10% of it. On the opposite end, but same section, in the stream where it starts are several pieces of long metal bar type things in the water. Weed wacking obviously never gets done there because it looks like they're almost trees themselves now. They just mowed it a few days ago, but they don't weed wack anymore. It makes the park look unkempt and trashy. I think that the [part by the bench with that big stone block is a potential safety hazard to pets and kids. There should be some type of a guard rail right there. That telephone pole that fell down a few years ago is still there. Luckily during all that flooding it was used as a great deterrent from the water flow. The baseball field is hardly even recognizable as being one. It needs a new basketball net and another basketball goal on the other end would be cool too. Anyways, back to the weed wacking. That, as well, is also a potential safety hazard for kids and pets too. Anything could be hiding in there and not be seen and then possibly injure a kid or pet. Please get rid of all these weeds and keep it maintained as well too. Where are our tax dollars going?
I appreciate it. Thanks!

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Q. Please select the City park you would like to report an issue
A. Georgian Hills Park (2800 East Georgian Drive)
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A. There's actually several things that I happened to notice that need attention.


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