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South San Francisco


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South San Francisco




It is a pity that this happens, he seems not to understand gravity: to park in front of the fire hydrant and second to go against the road. I think the remedy would be to paint the entire red line from the corner of the hydrant to the entrance of the apartment parking lot, so the view would be clear and they would not hide behind cars parked there. Also when there are cars parked in that small line, it covers the visibility of the cars that leave the apartments, we have almost had accidents when we cannot see (because it is not supposed to happen) of cars that come quickly (so that they do not get caught. in action) to the contrary and almost collided with those of us who left the apartments. The other day happened to me and the other driver said he came from the library and it wasn't true. please fix this before someone hit someone or collide with another car.


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