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I wanted to write in to discuss my experience with a train in my neighborhood. The only descriptions that can accurately describe this train are such words as mind boggling, incomprehensible…and baffling.

I recently moved back to Charlotte after spending some time in Florida and California. I found a unique place off of Hoskins Road (Fox Ridge Loft Apartments). I love the apartment building as the people and atmosphere are more than I could ever ask for. There is one thing that has never failed to disappoint. It is the train that runs through the intersection of Hoskins Road and Rozzelles Ferry Road. If what they are doing is not illegal, it’s at the least in some strange way immoral.

The train runs at the most inopportune times, 8-9a.m and 5-6p.m. It also runs late at night which I don’t mind. Not only does the train come through when people are on their way to work, but it also exhibits some peculiar behavior. It is common for the train after moving in one direction at a very inefficient pace to just abruptly stop and turn around. It will then go in the opposite direction, at a pedestrian pace mind you, and then simply stop in the middle of the tracks. This is not in the middle of day when no one is around. This is when there is a line of cars waiting to head to and from work. It really makes no sense. You can ask anyone in the neighborhood or in the building and they will tell you about this train. I have even seen people on multiple occasions hop on the train and walk to the other side while it was moving.

Ridiculous is usually the word that residents of the area use to describe the train. I do not know if they are testing the train or what, but they really need to be considerate of the residents of the neighborhood and discontinue this egregious behavior.

I should probably reach out to the train company myself, but I would not even know where to get started. In addition, I feel as if my attempts would be futile. For that reason, I thought I would bring it to your attention, so you could figure out what the heck is going on.

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