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I need your help fighting recent acts of vandalism in our neighborhood. Specifically, somebody seems @#$%-bent to destroy the new playground on Dover Beach across from Quinnipiac Terrace. Over the last couple weeks, somebody has torn down two of the fence panels around the playground and systematically destroyed the trash bin there. About a week ago, they dumped all the trash and crushed the bin so it wouldn’t stand anymore. The bin is made of plastic, so I pushed the sides back out as best I could, picked up the trash and put it back in. A couple days later they dumped out the trash again and took the wheels off, so the bin was lop sided and would no longer stand up. I picked up again and tied the bin to the fence. Next morning it was untied, tipped over, and trash was all around. So yesterday evening I removed the broken bin and brought a new, more stable bin from my house and put it there. This morning the trash had been dumped out again, and the bin had been rolled down the street almost 2 blocks away. I know the vandals are coming at night, because we’ve been to the playground in the late afternoon and all is well, but I when walk by every morning at 5:30 am, there is damage again.

The fence should be repaired asap. We also need a heavy metal trash bin that is bolted to the ground; the older bins in the park are like that and there is no problem with them. And the police should check out the playground and see who hangs out there during the night.

We need to put an end to this. The kids in the neighborhood deserve a clean and unbroken playground, and research shows that unchecked acts of vandalism are usually followed by other types of crimes. I have called Public Works about this, but so far nothing has happened. Please help, and let me know who else I should contact.

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