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Trash or Illegal Dumping Acknowledged

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Burlington, VT


Trash or Illegal Dumping INT Streets ROW


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Burlington Electric



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Casella is picking up trash at the residential Ruggles House every Friday morning at 5:35am. Isn't this before trash trucks are legally allowed to operate in Burlington's residential neighborhoods? What does the ordinance allow? Anytime after 6:30 am ? I called Casella about this a couple weeks ago but they still arrive too early. Their trash trucks are too loud to be operating that early - people are still trying to sleep. They drive around the horseshoe street - from south to north - passing about 70 houses - and when they reach the north side, they go in reverse up the Ruggles driveway with their beep beep reverse alarm sounding. If they don't comply with city regs then they shouldn't be awarded a contract when consolidation happens. Be sure the contract contains a clause for steep penalties for non-compliance with city regs, including speeding and start times for pick up. Thanks!

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Q. Is it on public or private property?
A. Public

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