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Street Light Blinking/Out


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The street light in front of my home at 1013 Dairy House Ct. was replaced last Friday and the light that was installed is entirely too bright. I have attached a picture of my front yard at night and no flash from my camera was used. We could play a game a football in my yard. This needs to be corrected in some way. My children's rooms are on the front of the house and the light is just blaring in at night and they are having a hard time sleeping.

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Q. Do you have Town of Wake Forest Power?
A. Yes
Q. Please provide a description of your location.
A. The corner of Dairy House Ct and Clatter Ave in Crenshaw Hall Plantation. The light is halfway down Dairy House Ct. on the right between my yard and my neighbors house at 1009 Dairy House Ct.


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