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I have reported this before and was told there are no ordnances about this prohibiting the actions that are happening. Maybe that should change. I have noticed a marked increase in semi-tractor trailer vehicles coming up/down North St past my house on a daily basis. I realize there is a distribution center of some kind on moody road. Why in the world are these vehicles coming down North St to Elm and then having to negotiate the curve to get onto RT 190? Right through a residential area. If they were in fact coming off of Moody they could go directly down Park and then turn onto RT 190 and have a straight shot to the highway, OR go down Moody onto Elm and have a straight shot that way. Either way I have been looking at the street in front of my house for several hundred feet and have noticed cracking pavement in both directions. I know Norths St is a parallel street to RT190, there are a lot of regular vehicles coming down that road daily. But these semis are too much. The day is coming when it will cost a pretty penny to the town to repave North ST because of the damage. I do not think this street was designed for this type of traffic when it was originally built. Its a shame because as the saying goes "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

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