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Town of Sudbury

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Trees - Cleanup (Trees & Cemetery)

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I am reporting 2 trees on Town of Sudbury property between the road and Sudbury Valley Trustees Round Hillstone wall propert boundary. The entire tree opposite 14 Weir Hill Road's mailbox is completely dead and rotting. It is a likely candidate to come down this winter and disrupt power to the Great Meadows Nat Wildlife Refuge.

The second tree is off of Lincoln Road on the Round Hill road bend. There is a white telephone pole on the outside of the turn. Opposite that on the other side of the street is a giant tree with a massive dead branch hanging out over the road that needs to be removed before it crushes a vehicl and kills people. A representative from Sudbury Valley Trustees has already inspected both tree, agree with my assessment, andinformed medboth treesy arehthe responsibility of then Town of Sudbur The Town of Sudbury Tree Warden has not called me back about this matter. yy.

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