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Trash & Recycling Issues


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It appears an unintended/unforeseen consequence of Swampscott's new smaller trash barrel policy is the explosion of rodents on our street (and I assume other streets). A good 40% of residents on this street now put the overflow bags directly onto the sidewalk/street (much to the delight of the rodents).
So, here's the very real problem (of a street full of kids and rodents that carry disease).
What's the solution? Can the town mandate overflow bags be placed in barrels (with lids) that residents must provide? That would work, but unfortunately many have discarded the old barrels that were deemed 'too big.' Or does the town provide a second 'small' barrel and mandate overflow bags be placed in it?
This is a health/disease issue that cannot be ignored; something needs to be decided/done before the rodent explosion in the spring. I was only able to upload one picture, however I counted six overflow bags that were placed directly onto the ground and were clearly enjoyed by rats (and that was only half of the street). Please don't ignore this in the hopes it just solves itself. The rodent infestation on this street and the danger it causes to our children is a direct result of the town's decision to implement the new smaller trash barrel policy and not plan for the second and third order effects of it.

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