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There is a walkway through this area for the neigborhood kids to access the local park and pool. This is a HIGH TRAFFIC area because people use it as a cut through to get the the local stores and avaoid the heavy traffic on Vine Street and 91. I have watched thousands of times people speeding through this area, running through the stop sign for traffic going down 342nd onto Eastlawn, and I have witnessed many people driving their cars into the potholes when they turn down Eastlawn, and I have witnessed people driving so fast they have lost control of thier vehicles coming down Eastlawn onto 342nd where there is no stop sign or a gaurd rail at this corner. Why hasn't the city intervined and simply placed a stop sign and a gaurd rail at the corner of Eastlawn and 342nd to help slow traffic down to keep the kids safe??? Not to mention repair the badly tore up corner where there are huge potholes from people speeding through the area and driving through the stop sign. Instead the city places small poles on the corner of 342nd and Eastlawn and throughout the neighboring streets. I have seen no improvement, and you can barley see they are there...REALLY EASTLAKE!?!?. People continually speed through the area and it is just a matter of time before someones child is hit by a car. THIS MUST BE FIXED!!!


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