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Curb and Gutter Repair


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A crew flushed out the fire hydrant at 15th and SW Campbell Ave. earlier this morning (12/22/21). The water flowed North on the Western side of SW Campbell to the intersection of SW Campbell Ave. and SW Harland Ct. entering the street gutter on the SW corner of the intersection….. AND EXITING the street gutter on the SE corner. THIS HAS BEEN AN ONGOING ISSUE. Our house is in the back drop of this picture (1400 SW Campbell Ave.)

I have called in the past about this issue of the street drain BACKING UP AND NOT WORKING (and as the picture shows) and water diverting water back up and onto the street. The city had sent out someone to inspect the under street gutter system and claims that it’s all clear but clearly there is some major problem. This particular situation is solely from water flowing from a fire hydrant flush which isn’t a great deal of water to deal with. When we have a good rain THERE IS A MASSIVE AMOUNT of water that flows East (down hill) past our house and at one point the massive flow flooded into our basement. During those times water not only backs up at that particular intake (as it had done some today), it backs up to the point that it flows over the crown of the road over to the so called “intake” on the other side of the road. This adds lots of water volume flowing down the street.

THERE IS SOMETHING MAJOR THATS NOT RIGHT going on with these drains for water to be diverted back UP AND OUT ONTO THE STREET. And strange…. due to a crew here with trucks just a week ago and was informed that they were here running cameras through the street drains to inspect them.

Please address as necessary for this city drain to function properly.

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Q. May I have your name and number please?
Q. In relation to the address/intersection where is the problem area located?
A. Intersection of SW Campbell Ave. and SW Harland Ct.
Q. Is it a street curb or a driveway entrance?
A. Street Curb


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