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A dog ('the brown dog') that lives about 4 houses down from me, 2129 Northampton Street 2nd Floor, attacked my dog on Christmas night. I was walking my dog on a leash, the owner of the brown dog opened his apartment door and let his dogs out and the brown one came charging across the street and attacked my dog. It was a serious, vicious dog fight and it is the second time this has happened, with my dog being on a leash going for a walk, and the brown dog being loose in his yard and flying out to attack my dog. I was at the emergency vet for 5 hours on Christmas night as my dog got a serious gash in her belly. I don't know the name of the dog owner, but I put the vet bill under his door and he did call the vet clinic and pay it. But I can't have that dog living here anymore, because I walk by their house 2x a day when I take my dog for a walk and I can't risk another vicious attack on my dog. I would like someone to go talk to the guy that lives at 2129 Northampton Street 2nd floor and get back to me as to a resolution. I don't want the dog put down, but I don't want it at the end of my street.

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