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Unofficial speed limit on Jefferson seems to have increased to 45-50 Archived

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Even though I have tended to have a "lead foot" as a driver so I have to watch myself, I'v always thought that there should be some streets where I always go slow. Of course I go slow on side streets because children (and adults) should be able to walk around their neighborhoods safely.

But I think that certain through streets should be for slower traffic and others for speed. Example: Gratiot for speed, Jefferson for slower traffic. I've been noticing that though the posted speed limit on Jefferson has remained 35, virtually no one goes under, say 42. This is even in the right lane. What bothers me more than what's happening now is the thought that if going 45-50 (many people do) is allowed and the word gets out, this will attract more traffic to Jefferson. I've always liked it that people who want to go faster would go to Harper or Gratiot and stay away from Jefferson.

In Grosse Pointe, Jefferson is Lakeshpoe Road. Police out in force ticketing those who go much over 35. I wish we had that. Maybe put up some of those electronic speed signs first to warn people then start enforcing for those who go over 40. I live right off Jefferson so I want this road to stay mellow.

Thanks for listening...

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