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Fitchburg, MA


Abandoned Vehicle on Private Property


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There is a blue vehicle that is parked on the grass that's supposedly for sale that has been sitting there for almost a year now that wasn't put there by anyone on this street. Residents and homeowners that live on this street use that area for our vehicles since we don't have driveways, especially when it snows and are expected to shovel our own way out.

also asked...
Q. Is the vehicle damaged? If yes, how?
A. Flat Tires, Other
Q. Are you the vehicle owner?
A. No
Q. How long has the vehicle been abandoned?
A. Almost a year.
Q. What color is the vehicle?
A. Dark blue.
Q. What is the make and model of the car? (ex. sedan)
A. Toyota Corolla
Q. What is the vehicle plate number?
A. 4555754
Q. What state is the plate from?
Q. What is the vehicle's VIN?
A. No Answer Given

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