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Litter; high weeds; dangerous pavements Open

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6500 Lebanon Avenue in Overbrook.
This property is daily surrounded by litter that is never cleaned up by landlord nor staff in store on first floor that sells goods that often become litter later.

Corner trash can is responsibility of store tenant and is only emptied weekly before private trash collection takes place. Thus the can is usually overflowing with trash and pet waste from passersby.

Pavements are a tripping hazard and are usually overgrown with weeds that catch litter and bits of broken glass.

Please ticket and monitor for improvement.

Also per a past zoning hearing, store tenant was told to put store trash in basement to be stored for private pickup rather than storing outside. Trash was to be kept in containers or cans. Instead store owner puts trash out only in bags night before private pickup. This violates codes.

Bags may be observed after 9pm each Tuesday night or very early Wednesday mornings.

Photo shows location in best case condition. Typically it is much worse.

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