Vegetation/Tree- Impeding Public Right of Way Archived

202 Gowen Pl Nw Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Vegetation/Tree- Impeding Public Right of Way


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Hello COBI - I live at 291 Eakin Dr NW. Our backyard borders Gowen and there are two dead trees that the city arborist identified last fall. He indicated your team would cut them for safety reasons, but that hasn't happened yet. In recent storms, a big trunk/branch portion fell on our fence and we cut it up and removed it. Both trees present a longterm risk of falling on Gowen but neither are urgent. They can wait until you have time to get to them but I want to make sure they are on your list. Thanks!

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Q. Where is the location of the vegetation problem?
A. Gowen Pl near 202 Gowen and bordering 291 Eakin.
Q. Please describe the problem.
A. See above.


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