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An apparently homeless family has been living out of a maroon Honda (with white racing stripe) on Newhall between Jerrold and Kirkwood. The kids are very small, 0-6mo. and ~2 years. I have seen the father more than the mother and feel badly for them, of course, but the father is rather sketchy in his appearance and how he looks around at people in the neighborhood. He also left a gallon container of used car oil uncapped just out on the curb after changing the oil on a car in the street (Newhall), presumably for some money. It would be nice if they kids were checked up on but really I would like to just have the family and the car checked occasionally because as a resident of the block (around the corner from where they are staying) I'm not interested in welcoming more sketchy characters in to the neighborhood.
**Update (10/15/11)- the kids and the mom are presumably gone. The car must've been towed but homeboy is still sketcherific. Still doing illegal mechanic work but not with the same frequency. There are several containers of uncapped used motor oil to be found at the NW corner of Kirkwood and Newhall right now. Yesterday he was riding a bike down Kirkwood and stole someone's rolling Recology bin.


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