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Pedestrian Safety Study Request Acknowledged

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Pedestrian Safety Study Request


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We have been having trouble with speeding My kids and or children have to be at the corner everyday to get on and off their school bus We try to cross the street to get to bus stop and these drivers just speed pass and giving us time to cross For instance this morning, a parent was trying to cross the street with his lil one this morning and a guy almost hit them And the driver had the audacity to roll his window down and curse at him and say there is no light so he don't have to stop And this had happen several times since school reopened We as parents really need a street light for the safety of out children We made several complaints when they were campaigning for election but nothing has been done or even looked into We really need someone to do something before someone especially a child gets hurt I have a already lost someone this new year due to a reckless driver and I do t want it to happen again We need to protect our children Please help , ,

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