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I posted this comment as a comment to someone with the same issue but will also post it as my issue as well
we also had an issue this week with a meter maid who gave us a 50 dollar ticket in front of our house for a rejection sticker in an area where there are absolutely no meters anywhere in sight. You go to read the ticket where a normal one says the officers name and badge number and all this says is badge #1 lol a neighbor of mine has also had issues with this woman and when I say she is known to be rude an have a bad attitude according to people in the area these are the nicest ways of putting what ive heard her called.Is the city not making enough ticketing outside court and anywhere else with meters? you go down n.main or s.main and its like a streak of orange and white down both streets on any given day. The city needed a couple extra bucks toward the end of the month or what??people are struggling to survive these days and we dont need a meter maid driving her car to our neighborhoods getting out for laughs taking herself and her job way to seriously and giving everyone tickets for any and absolutely everything and the kicker here is guaranteed if a friend or family member of hers was the one who deserved a ticket theyd get a pass for sure.


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