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Very upsetting is a woman with cancer who is the daughter of a late Phila Police Detective and sister of a retired Phila Police officer. She has had such harassment from the kids, in the form of banging on her door and running away. Property damage to her basement window..broken out! The lantern was broken, Blue (for police support) CFL with adapter stolen, her auto mirror ripped off the auto! A 91 year old woman that has lived on the block for 64 years (Mother of a Fire Fighter) had her basement glass block broke out, cut screens, kicked in storm door that was installed 40 yrs ago! Broken glass in storm door, dented storm down spout! One 85 yr old woman had the hood of her newer car dented with $700 or more damage from kids jumping on it! Walgreens has the most damage from this group of kids! No Reason anyone should be forced to put up with this madness!
Where are the police?? The city has a crack down on curfew and there are kids under 13 running around till after midnight?? Property damage and auto damage to the extent of smashed hoods of autos..broken windows etc! Enough is Enough people on the block are ill with cancer and elderly! The children start to play outside at 9:30pm every night!


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