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Inadequate Drainage at New Storm Drain Acknowledged

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The manhole/storm drain which was installed last summer at the east side of the street by a private contractor for the city water main replacement along Dorchester Avenue has proven to be a drainage problem. The drain is located adjacent to curb cuts for driveways and drains so slowly that the sidewalk becomes impassible at times (there is no parkway along Dorchester, the sidewalk is immediately adjacent to the street) and has gotten to the point that the entire width of the street is flooded, overwhelming the drain on the west side of the street which is directly west of the the drain in question. The pitch to the drains is excellent unlike on Blackstone and 57th Street, the issue here is ease of clogs at the new drain and slow drainage after clearing it (I have cleared both drains frequently to hasten drainage during our recent storms). This was not a problem before the drain was modified.

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