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Winter - Sidewalk Not Shoveled Acknowledged

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Winter - Sidewalk Not Shoveled


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School zone sidewalks and bus stop routes are still not shoveled. my daughter fell this am, broke her phone and luckily didnt re-break her arm. She slipped and fell as she was climbing a snowbank in her path and then slipped when she hit the 3" of ice from the water main on the other side. Im honestly astounded this isnt being addressed yet. Its every year but this year is exceptionally worse.

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Q. Describe the location of the sidewalk that is not clear of snow and ice.
A. From the 2nd house on the corner of Flagg and Chiltern Hill drive to the corner of Brookshire, into the double sidewalk 'no-mans land' area that neither the city, nor the person in the yellow house, ever claim, which is directly across from Flagg street school. At this point whats done is down but how are these people not being held accountable??

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