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The people in this city have always been hard working. Most of the home owners take care of their properties, maintaining things nicely (most of them) I have noticed TONS of trash, all over the city, in my alley, yard, all along Ford street, the turn around to enter I-75 North. We held a clean-up effort and the community really did a nice job-BUT, the littering continues. Not too long ago, I was almost home, when the car in front of me tossed something out of their car window. I parked my car and went to pick it up, only to find it was a poop filled diaper. This is just PURE ignorance and BLATANT disregard for everything. I know I try hard to make my house nice-it takes effort not always money. Just because we are a poorer city does not mean it can't be nicely kept up. Every night when I get home, I have to go up and down my corner to pick up all the crap that people leave there, I've found liquor bottles, candy wrappers, bottles, rubber gloves, a used needle, an afro pick, shoes, shirts, ice cream wrappers, just TONS of crap-I just don't understand how people just don't care. I think to fix this, we need to appeal to the school kids, have anti-littering campaigns, with information to bring home to also expose the parents. Are people just that stupid? This is Oakland County Hazel Park, not Detroit. I grew up in Detroit, and watched it decline. Place the blame on whomever you'd like. But I don't want OUR city to decline. I'm a homeowner, I've invested in this city-I am in for the long haul. So Please, residents, HP Police, let's fix this one!!!!

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