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Drivers are continually swerving into the wrong lanes at this intersection because the lane markings are unclear.

Left lane: Some seem to believe this is a left-turn only lane.

Middle lane: Some do not bump right when cross Memorial Drive and instead veer into the left lane, possibly because of the "left lane" comment above. Other times, people turn left from the middle lane, cutting off people in the left lane who are continuing straight.

Right lane: Designated as a right turn only lane, but this is not clear as many drivers continue straight when in this lane.

There are no signs to help drivers understand which lanes have which rules, nor are there any signs indicating that the road they are approaching is Memorial Drive. This is a junction that many out-of-towners first approach when coming off the Mass Pike and it must be incredibly confusing for them.

The lane markings can be improved and start further back, perhaps toward the middle of the bridge.

Some signs need to be added, again perhaps need the middle or even beginning of the bridge, which will be helpful during times of busy traffic.


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