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Pedestrian Safety Request


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The intersection of Brunswick and Pavonia is extremely dangerous. Countless times drivers do not stop or even slow down as they travel on Brunswick from 9th street towards 8th street. It is as though the stop sign there does not exist. I have been almost hit while walking my dog multiple times because someone did not stop. This is extremely dangerous because of the public park with a child playground and water pad as well as the dog groomer located on pavonia adds increased dog traffic in this area. I believe what is needed here is a raised crossed walk to bring the pedestrians up to eye level with the drivers as well as it creates some speed mitigation. Installing a speed hump further down the block would not stop drivers from blowing through the stop sign.

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Q. What pedestrian and traffic safety elements would you like the city to consider?
A. 3. Traffic: Speed Management Request ( For requests to conduct a speed study along roadways where vehicular speeding is a concern.)

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