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133 Zabriskie St Jersey City, New Jersey, 07307 Show on Map Hide Map
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The Heights




133 Zabriskie on Sanford side.

1. Illegal private 2 gates on public sidewalk. Including double car gate.

2. Illegal driveway. There could not be any, due to backyard being too small to park any car. Such car parked there can only illegally take public sidewalk.

3. Illegal "no parking" marking on street.

4. ADA violation, since private car gate blocks public sidewalk.

5. I am requesting issue violation.

6. I am requesting removing "no parking" marking n public street.

7. I am requesting order owner to redo gates to contain only within private property.

8. I am requesting City changing policy of painting "no parking" on pavement with no questions asked.

9. I am requesting City implement a written policy of verifying if curb cut is legal before blindly accepting current status.

10. I am requesting new policy include public notice as with any zoning variance. This is due to many being in grey area, and public has a right to be involved when City recognizes grey area curb cut.

11. I am requesting immediate City moratorium on painting any "no parking" signage on pavements until new policy above is implemented.

12. I request Fulop be notified of my request.

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