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Construction on Street/Sidewalk


69 times


The Heights




52 Cambridge

This racket is is protected by Meyer for over a year!

1. Illegal sidewalk closure. Permit only for weekdays, yet closed 24/7. Expired anyway. One full time City employee was to prevent it.

2. ADA violation. No ramp over the curb. North side.

3. ADA violation. No ramp over the curb. South side.

4. ADA violation. Less then 5 feet clearance detour on pavement. Actually 2 feet.

5. Barriers on pavement are Hollywood stage props. Do not protect pedestrians. Illegal. Gross negligence on part of general contractor and Meyer.

5. No permit.

6. Criminal dumping of soil and cement into storm drain.

7. Illegal zoning variance issued, as no public notice given.

8. Illegal permit issued for multiple car park inside structure (off road), as there was no mandatory traffic study. Narrow street cannot accommodate extra 25 cars. Visible with naked eye.

9. Clean Water Act violation. Extra sewer connections violate existing federal court injunction.

10. I request stop work order.

11. I request cleaning sidewalk by DPW and charging cost to general contractor.

12. I request City demands from crooked general contractor to pay for damaged storm drain.

13. I request City declare zoning variance illegal.

14. I request City Corporate Counsel notifies federal prosecutor about violation of injunction at this site.

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