Litter (Locations to target during spring cleanings) Open

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Fitchburg, MA


Litter (Locations to target during spring cleanings)


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The kids who live in complex next to FHA elderly housing have been playing in the FHA parking lot. The litter in their own front and backyard prevent them from enjoying their own yard apparently. The parents are irresponsible drug users and dealers that even had ties to FHA residents that had to be addressed last week at 50 Day street. Elderly housing is surrounded by drug dealers. I have moved here last october 2021 and seen drug deals in the streets and parking lots with the same kids playing outside used as shields by irresponsible parents.

also asked...
Q. Does the reported litter site look like a location that has a chronic littering problem?
A. this looks like an area that has had a long time litter problem

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