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Pothole Repair


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These two road defects were both supposed to be fixed months ago, and in fact jersey city contractors did come out to patch the roadway. Twice. This clearly didn’t work either time. The road is chipping/caving in again, and the round hole to the left of the photograph is down to just gravel fill again. This needs to be fully investigated and properly fixed this time. Apparently last time there was an underlying issue with a broken (?) pipe/faulty water works under the roadway leading to home number 82 which, as evidenced by the roadway again caving in, has not been properly fixed. These potholes/the large rectangular patch, are at least 2” at their shallowest and probably up to 4-6” at their deepest. These cause considerable danger to drivers and pedestrians. This needs to be properly fixed ASAP. We shouldn’t need to keep reporting these issues and only getting half fixed and temporary solutions. This entire street is in need of resurfacing and repaving.

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Q. Please Select Location of the Pothole/Sinkhole.
A. Middle of the Street
Q. What is the Size of the Pothole?
A. Large (manhole)


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