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Drainage/Storm Water


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They have put new roads and sidewalks In the neighborhood. Well on the corner of south street and Keller ave there is a drainage problem. Now the inspectors have been out numerous times, also the guys who did the construction have been out here measuring and talking about this. The problem is this all happened the week before thanksgiving in which they were coming out to try and get it done before the weather had changed. Well that never happened. I have asked the inspectors numerous times about this and there answer every time is on the list. One inspector told me would gas to be done by last aug 1 because thts when the project in the area was supposed to be completely done by. Obviously that didn’t happen either. So here we are. So basically trying to figure out when it’s REALLY going to happen. Because all the rain water from south flows into Keller and Keller water can not make it around the corner to actually drain into the dead end on south like it’s supposed to. We don’t have catch basins and drains on Keller or south. The issue is south street grade at the corner is way higher than Keller so the water just puddles which just makes a mess. I’m not try to be a jerk but it was never done right the first time they did it and I keep getting the run around that it’s going to be fixed.

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