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ATV/4-wheeler officer harassing people Mở

Touhy And Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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Chicago Ward 49

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bike concern

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An officer with an ATV/4-Wheeler and a chip on his shoulder is in this area most nights. His beat is up and down Sheridan but this is the intersection where he pulled me over. He had pulled someone I know over the day before and it was also on Sheridan. The reason he gave me was that I was riding my bike 'like I stole it.' He also told me that my light was not bright enough. He didn't seem to care that I HAD a light and a helmet and he proceeded to make me lock up my bike and walk home!! To add insult to injury he followed me to make sure that I didn't go back to my bike. He also felt the need to yell at me no matter how polite I tried to be. I also seemed to know the laws better than him, which is why I walked away with a ticket but also probably why he felt the need to make me walk. I included a picture of the vehicle I'm talking about, to avoid any confusion.

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