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There are dangerous potholes on this street which has caused several damages to our vehicles. One drive on this road leads us to the mechanic with problems directly below the vehicle. This road has been neglected and no attention has been directed to the road for several months now. All our vehicles are damaged. we are appealing to the city to fix the road and if possible include a side walk. A combination of cars trying to avoid the pot holes and pedestrians walking is a scary site.

also asked...
Q. How big around is the pothole?
A. It extends about 200 feet from the train track.
Q. How deep is the pothole?
A. 9-10 inches deep with other ones about 2-3 inches deep with lots of cracked surfaces and broken asphalt.
Q. Is the hole an even square shape (indicating a trench from utility work)?
A. I don't know

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