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Traffic and Road Signs


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For years, vehicles wanting to go West on Marshall Ave have attempted to avoid the backup on Snelling/Marshall by cutting through our neighborhood. Vehicles turn West on Carroll Ave from Snelling, and then typically turn left on Herschel or Aldine to get to Marshall before the go West on Marshall.

These vehicles are more often than not going 30 mph on these three streets that border Aldine Park. I have watched countless cars cutting through encounter the "no entry/one way" sign on Aldine and Iglehart, and then go the wrong way regardless.

This has been a nightmare for our families for years. Aldine between Marshall and Iglehart only has a sidewalk on one side (which was poured with a huge slope so hardly anyone uses it anyway), and there is no sidewalk at all on Aldine between Iglehart and Carroll.

There are many many young children in out area who need to be safe.

Many children and families use this park, and walk down Aldine or Herschel to get here. What can we do to make the area safer?

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