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I'd like to reopen issue #1122929. The parking problem has not been fully addressed. School began today and I again observed buses not being able to pull up in front of the school due to cars parked in the way. I'm including 2 pictures. One shows 1 bus in front of the school and a line of parked cars, which prevented the second bus from pulling up in front of the school. The second picture shows the second bus. It is to the east of Swain St., one block away from the school. This can't be ideal for student safety. Additionally, there is a city bus stop on this block (E. Hargett between Swain and Monie). The parked cars prevent the city bus from pulling up to the bus stop. Finally, my neighbors and I have difficulty pulling out of our neighborhood (Monie Ln.), because we cannot see around the parked cars. Today this block of Hargett St was only about half full of parked cars. Many days the entire block is full of parked cars. On those days, the buses can't get near the school. Please consider making the entire block "no parking" - 500 E. Hargett St.

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