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Traffic Signal


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Another accident on West Franklin St. intersecting with Linden St.

I'll continue to share just how ridiculous this intersection is.

This is consistent! Drivers coming down Linden St. and attempting to cross over West Franklin St. to never yield and typically every accident is caused by said driver performing a "rolling stop" and never completely come to a full and complete rest at the stop sign.

West Franklin St. is listed at 30MPH at this intersection when it clearly needs to be reduced to 20MPH among it being highly hazardous and accident prone intersection. Drivers are going to fast down West Franklin St. and not enough time for drivers who perform illegal rolling stops not to get hit.

I've suggested 4 way flashing Yellow Caution lights. Only to be met with flashing Stop Signs that everyone ignores.

A "don't block the box" in the middle of the intersection would also keep this from happening, as well the constant congestion that happens in peek hours among school and work travel.

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